The American Dreamer

Documentary on Dennis Hopper (made as the film-maker was editing The Last Movie) in which Hopper reveals himself, at best, to be the Iggy Pop of American cinema and, at worst, a phoney with the demeanour and glare of Charles Manson.

The Last Movie

Dennis Hopper’s interesting and sincere post-Western set in Peru. (Try to download a torrented version rather than watch on youtube. There’s a significant difference in quality that affects appreciation of the film).

Major Dundee

Sam Peckinpah is the most Homeric of American filmmakers, as the clip above from Major Dundee shows. There’s a great line in the film when Dundee (Charlton Heston) says of ‘confederate renegade’ Captain Tyreen (Richard Harris): ‘He is corrupt; but I will save him.’

Taxi Driver

Scorsese’s film is nearly 40 years old and I must have seen it a dozen times but it hasn’t dated or lost its power and ability to startle.