Flags of Our Fathers

Clint Eastwood’s war movie manages to be patriotic and provide social and political criticism at the same time. A fine achievement from America’s greatest living filmmaker.

The Taking of Power by Louis XIV

Rossellini’s film on the Sun King is extraordinary and a lot of fun.


Billy Wilder on similar terrain to Sunset Boulevard in his penultimate film, which is wonderful, and largely set in Kerkyra.


Rossellini’s film is great, but as in Rome, Open City, one can't help thinking if his tender portraits of the Italian war experience don’t conceal the fact that Italians were responsible with their several wars of aggression for their own suffering and downfall.

The Consequences of Love

Good existential Italian crime drama.

The Secret in Their Eyes

Good film telling us something about Argentinean society and politics in the 1970s.

The Beast to Die

Interesting first half, then deteriorates and becomes silly.