The Hoodlum

Lawrence Tierney is incredibly mean and nasty in this nihilistic film noir.

Pocketful of Miracles

Frank Capra remade his own Lady for a Day in 1961 with Bette Davis, Glenn Ford and Peter Falk and it’s just as intense and poignant as the original, even if at the time it got slaughtered by the critics – who found it sentimental and old-fashioned – and it turned out to be the last film Capra made.

Lady for a Day

Frank Capra takes on Damon Runyon’s short story and produces a film of extreme emotions and fears. Interesting to watch alongside Vittorio de Sica, who seems to share a similar, somewhat Christian, belief in the essential virtuousness of the poor and marginalised. Luis Bunuel would beg to differ.

Rome, Open City

Rossellini’s Rome, Open City is on a different level to other Italian neo-realist films. The tragedy, as it should be, is remorseless. An utterly bleak film. Never have the Germans been portrayed as such animals.