Stranger than Paradise

Jim Jarmusch’s deft, funny road movie. Story is marginal, all about hostile landscapes and the tics and movements of the actors.

The Big Bluff

Very nasty film noir. John Bromfield tries to kill his sick wife by providing her with too much excitement and tampering with her heart pills. What a cad!

Dark Passage

Very good adaptation of David Goodis’ novel, even if it goes too much on the Bogart and Bacall romance angle, which in Goodis is not romance but insanity.

And Hope to Die

Réne Clément’s often incomprehensible version of David Goodis’ novel Black Friday is still very good. Robert Ryan, inevitably, is superb.

Too Late Blues

In this Hollywood film, John Cassavetes couldn’t stand the demands producers and the studio made on his artistic integrity and expression and decided he would never work like this again. Still, despite all the compromises and flaws, this is a terrific film.

Dark Odyssey

Very good Greek American film with Athan Karras as Yiannis Martakis, who arrives in New York from Greece intent on killing the man who raped his sister.

Night Tide

Likeable film about Mora the mermaid from Mykonos, whose previous two boyfriends have died in mysterious circumstances. Now, what will be the fate of new beau Dennis Hopper?

I Shot Andy Warhol

An account of the shooting of Andy Warhol by radical feminist writer Valerie Solanas, author of the manifesto S.C.U.M. (Society for the Cutting up of Men), whose play Up Your Ass! Warhol had declined to produce.